Welsh Word of The Week

Iaith – language


I’m sure we’ve heard about that edition of Newsnight this week, haven’t we? Any Welsh speaking person will know what it’s like to feel attacked because of the language they speak. To be insulted, to be offended, and yet for this bigotry to still be seen as acceptable by many.
This week, the National Eisteddfod has been held on Anglesey; a celebration of Welsh language and culture, of song and dance and poetry and literature. So an attack on the iaith by the BBC during this week was particularly vicious and cowardly.
I am tired, I am exhausted of constantly having to defend my mamiaith (mother tongue). I’m tired of feeling so angry because people disrespect the language I grew up with, the language my family speaks. I am tired of components of the English language media getting bored every few months, and deciding to pick on a language and culture it doesn’t understand. I wasn’t in the mood to write anything today, I’d woken up feeling rubbish and I still feel rubbish; but I thought, if I didn’t do this feature I would feel as if I had let them win. And I can’t do that. We have to fight back.

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