A day out in Aberaeron


At the beginning of last month, I saw an item on the news about how there would be free bus travel on certain routes in Wales on weekends. For someone like me who doesn’t drive, it sounded like the greatest idea ever. These routes are the TrawsCymru long distance bus routes, and from Carmarthen there’s the T1 which goes up to Aberystwyth; which also goes as far as Cardiff once a day from Monday-Friday. (The Welsh rail network is trash, there is no line going from my town of Carmarthen in the south-west up towards mid or north Wales; so the bus is the only way to go up to Cardigan Bay on public transport). The weather wasn’t great yesterday, but me and my mam decided to take advantage of the free bus travel, and go to Aberaeron for the day.

Aberaeron is a town on the coast of Ceredigion, and it took us about an hour and a half to reach it from my hometown on the bus. After leaving Carmarthen it heads into the depths of north-west Carmarthenshire, before crossing the border into Ceredigion. I arrived feeling rather queasy after a bus driver who flew down the winding country roads, up and down the hills of west Wales…

We arrived at lunchtime, and after a walk round a couple of the shops, we went to have lunch at a very busy New Celtic Restaurant. There wasn’t much in the way of vegetarian options; as I wanted chips (a must at the seaside, right??) I had the choice between egg and chips, and veggie burger and chips. Deciding that eggs were a bit boring, I was left with the veggie burger – which I was impressed with. I ate until I could barely move!

Aberaeron 2

We decided to brave the drizzle and wind to go down to the harbour. It definitely wasn’t the weather for heading out on the beach! There was a thick blanket of cloud obstructing our view out to sea, it was a scene straight out of your stereotypical Welsh summer!

Our return bus wasn’t leaving until around 5.15, so we had plenty of time in the afternoon to have a walk round the town, and a mooch around the shops. There are quite a few which sell some very nice handmade products, from paintings to blankets, to mugs and jewellery. The houses themselves are also pretty, many painted in bright colours.

Aberaeron 3

By teatime, we were just about ready to indulge in a great British summer pastime – avoiding the rain in a cafe. We’d gone past The Hive earlier in the day, and headed back for something sweet. Now, with a name like The Hive, what could this restaurant’s speciality be? Yes, honey – specifically honey flavoured ice cream. After much hmming and aahing, I eventually settled on a chocolate brownie – which was AMAZING – and honey and hazelnut ice cream which was out of this world. With still some time left until the bus was due to arrive, we decided to order something to drink to stay inside in the warm and dry!

The bus driver on the way home was a different one, but with a very similar driving style to his morning colleague (we saw you flying through a light just as it changed red at those roadworks, mate). Even though I arrived home feeling less queasy, I was very glad to step off the bus and start walking home. Not long after I did, it started raining hard, and what with after the wind and drizzle on the coast too, I was so happy to get home and changed into my pyjamas and fluffy dressing gown! Hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder on our next outing!


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