Welsh Word of The Week

gwylan – seagull

One thing I really didn’t appreciate growing up in the countryside about 10 miles away, was just how many damn gwylanod (seagulls) there are in my hometown. I don’t get it, the town’s not on the coast; sure, there’s a big old river, but the actual sea is about 8 miles away – and that’s just where the river meets it, proper full-blown sea is another few more miles. I can hear them right now, screeching about they fly around in the sky. Last night I’d kept my window open, as it was slightly warmer than it had been; and at about 5am I got woken up by the seagull dawn chorus. It took me a while to get back to sleep, with them screeching around outside. Eventually they did pipe down, because I guess even seagulls have to go and get some breakfast?


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