What I’ve Been Reading and Listening to: July 10th-16th

What I’ve been reading: Sign of The Cross by Chris Kuzneski

Sign of the Cross


I woke up thinking about this blog post, realising that I didn’t have enough material to write about yet; so I spent a couple of hours this morning getting further into this book. Yup, it’s not the first one by Kuzneski I’ve read, but I’m reading them out of chronological order; if I happen to find one of his books at the Free Books store, I pick up whatever they’ve got. This novel’s partly set in Italy, the blurb mentions Orvieto, but the look on my face when a chapter started with the location of the Galleria in Milan! An ancient scroll has been found in catacombs underneath Orvieto, a Vatican priest has been found murdered in Denmark, and the two protagonists – Payne and Jones – start off the novel in a Spanish jail. I’m about 180 pages in, and some of the threads are starting to come together, but more mysteries are emerging.

What I’ve Been Listening to: Greater Boston

I’ve seen Greater Boston being mentioned on Twitter quite a few times recently; especially in regards to a very funny and very sweary mini episode of ars PARADOXICA, which was released on the 1st of this month and written by the people behind Greater Boston. I’m only three episodes into it so far, but I’m finding it very interesting. It’s been on my ridiculously long to listen list for a few weeks, because I saw it described as falling into the magical realism genre once (I’m a huge fan of Murakami). And it does, there’s a very dream-like quality to it, it mixes the real city of Boston with elements of the unreal and surreal. In the first episode, there’s a death of a man who was so fixated with certainty, that the uncertainty of a rollercoaster ride literally made him “nope” out of life; and this has consequences on the rest of the podcast’s story. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into this world.


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