What I’ve Been Reading and Listening To: June 26th-July 2nd

What I’ve Been Reading: The Keys of Babylon by Robert Minhinnick

The Keys of Babylon

If I’m reading a paperback, I’ve found it at the Free Books. This is one I picked up a few weeks ago, the title and cover initially drew me, and then I read the blurb. In my ignorance, I had no idea that the author was Welsh. I didn’t actually open the book until i started reading it a few days ago, and I just about lost my mind when I saw that one of the characters was named Nerys! I don’t ever remember reading a book, not even a Welsh one, where a character had my name. This Nerys, as it turned out, is a Lithuanian man, named after the river Neris that flows through the city of Vilnius; and he describes how he didn’t know ‘Nerys was a girl’s name in this part of the world’. It’s a very interesting book, so far I’ve read seemingly separate stories involving characters from all over the world. The one thing in common is that they have travelled to or from places looking for a better life, which is something I can relate to. The blurb on the back cover says that their stories around migration are all linked, and at one point their narratives will all come together.

What I’ve been listening to: Our Fair City

Between one thing or another, I haven’t listened to many podcast episodes this week. I did, however, finally get up to date on Spirits which I’m very happy about. What I’ve listened to the most this week, as far as the number of episodes is concerned, is Our Fair City. It falls into my favourite genre of fiction – post-apocalyptic! It’s set in the city of Hartford, and the HartLife company runs the city and controls the lives of the ‘policies’ who dwell there. There are mad scientists, mole people, and a very dangerous world outside of the city… It’s a monster of a podcast, having started way back in 2011, and it will shortly be starting its eighth and final season.




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