Welsh Word of The Week

nos – night

Much like two weeks ago, I’ve seen much more of the nos this past week than I really should have done. Thanks to Wolf 359 (the sci-fi audio drama that’s taken over my life), I’ve gone to bed in the early hours of the morning twice since Monday night – when the new episode dropped at around 3.15am UK time. Yesterday I was exhausted, I was at the point where I just couldn’t function properly; but last night I had about 10 hours’ sleep and I’m feeling like a new person today!

Welsh belongs to a different language family to English, and to any other language I’ve studied; so it’s not often that I’m able to see similarities between a Welsh word and one in another language. However, there are some loan words from English, and in the case of nos, Latin. There’s the Italian notte; and I also discovered the Polish noc when I started learning it last summer (noc for night also exists in Czech and Slovak, as I’ve discovered). The Welsh for week is wythnos, which is literally ‘eight night’.


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