What I’ve Been Reading and Listening to: June 12th-18th

What I’ve been reading – Virtual Light by William Gibson

Virtual Light

I might finally be clawing myself out of my reading slump! I actually read a book in two days this week, not this one, but Generation A by Douglas Coupland. The next book I picked up was Virtual Light. I’ve been looking for Gibson’s Neuromancer at the Free Books, but I haven’t found it yet; Virtual Light wasn’t on my Longass To Be Read List, but I decided I’d give it a go, as it was by the same author. I’m only on chapter 6 so far, to be honest I found the beginning of the book a bit of a struggle, but it’s got easier as I’ve understood the world that it’s set in better. It has a very Blade Runner aesthetic to me (the film more than the book it was based on), it’s a future that was imagined about 25 years ago, with things like futuristic versions of fax machines and cassette tapes being used. It’s shocking that for someone who claims to love sci-fi and especially speculative fiction, that I haven’t read any of Gibson’s novels yet!

What I’ve been listening to – Kakos Industries

Yes, the biggest event in podcast land for me this week was the return of my absolute favourite, Wolf 359, but I’ve already mentioned that more than enough. About a week and a half ago, I was talking on Twitter with an Italian woman who I’ve got to know through the Wolf 359 fandom, and we started discussing which other podcasts we listen to. One of the ones she mentioned was Kakos Industries, which I had on my Longass List of Podcasts to Listen To, but I hadn’t got around to actually listen to it. So, on Tuesday when I was thinking of which new podcast to listen to, I chose that one. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it though…! Kakos Industries’ slogan is ‘Do Evil Better’. It’s a company that thinks up all kinds of different ways to that, and introduce more evil into the world; from board games which destroy life-long friendships, to, err, a labour camp called Hell. Yes, it’s dark and twisted, but still oh so funny. The concept is that the episodes are shareholder announcements, read out by the company’s CEO; strictly for the ears of Kakos Industries’ shareholders, broadcast on a different kind of radio which is delivered to them each time… I love the creativity behind this project, it takes a very talented mind to come up with such a concept!

I’ve been getting through quite a lot of other podcast episodes this week too, especially Spirits. I’m finally up to episodes from this spring, yay!



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