Welsh Word of The Week


hwyr – late

Before anyone makes any tired jokes, ‘w’ and ‘y’ are vowels in Welsh. Deal with it.

As I was thinking last night, this week I’ve mostly been staying up late because of things that I’m a fan of. The most extreme case was Monday night. Oh, it’s a lot of fun being an obsessive fan of an American audio drama when you live in the UK. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’m a huge fan of a sci-fi audio drama called Wolf 359. So, Monday the first episode of the fourth and final season made its way out into the world. Well, I say Monday. It was Monday for the States. It was Tuesday for me. The creative team did a Q&A session on Facebook at midnight UK time, and said that the episode would be out in about an hour. So 2am UK time by then. I can live with that, I thought. I’ve done more ridiculous things in the past than stay up until 2am to hear a new episode of my favourite podcast. Heck, I’ve gone to a radio station by 1am to watch a nighttime show being broadcast, and stayed there until 4am. Staying up until the middle of the night for something is not a new thing for me. So I settled in for the wait. 2am and no new episode. 2.30am, 3am… By then, I really should’ve gone to sleep, but I thought, I’ve come this far, I’m not giving up now. About 3.30am the creator of the show tweeted that there had been issues with it, and that the episode would be up ASAP. It was just after 4am when it was uploaded. And it was nearly 5am by the time I’d listened to it. It was starting to get light outside.  It was no longer hwyr, it was gynnar (early). When I closed my eyes, I noticed how sore they were. I’d been awake for about 22 hours, after having had a job interview in the evening.

So, that was an experience. And very much worth the wait. I know it’s going to seem completely crazy to a lot of people, but this is very much how I roll in life. Saying that, I’m hoping this doesn’t happen for all the other episodes that are going to be released over the next six months…


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