What I’ve Been Reading and Listening To: June 5th-11th

What I’ve been reading – The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

The Testing

I’m still struggling with my reading, and I haven’t had as much time this week as I’d normally have; so I was looking for a book in my collection that I’d enjoy and get through easily. The Testing belongs to a sub-genre I’ve read a lot of, Young Adult dystopia (don’t judge me), and is set in a future world which has been ravaged by war. It can be easily compared to The Hunger Games for the twisted tasks the protagonist is made to go through, with the government ready to sacrifice a few young adults for the good of the many; as well as the world it’s set in on a more general level. My Kindle tells me I got through over 30% of it yesterday, which for my recent reading record, is great. I’m looking forward to finding out which decisions the protagonist, Cia, makes, and seeing what direction the story will take.

What I’ve been listening to – Wolf 359

Yaaaaaaaassssssss. I’d been planning on mentioning this next weekend, I was always going to mention this next weekend, as the fourth and final season of my favourite audio drama was due to start tomorrow, on the 12th of June. Ha! The team of evil geniuses behind the show decided to – to quote one of the writers on Twitter – ‘break a subsection of the Internet’ by releasing a special two hour episode on Friday 9th. Without spoiling too much of the show, long story short (and shout out to everyone else who gets the reference!) it’s an episode about the previous crew of the space station Wolf 359 is set on, the USS Hephaestus; which we all knew was coming at some point, as it was a goal for reaching a certain amount of fan-sourced funding on Patreon. But getting it before the promised start of season 4 was a HUGE surprise. I completely freaked out. Oh, and it also features a character called Eris which I found partly hilarious, partly terrifying… I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of the show, and the special is on a whole other level to everything else they’ve done so far; from the writing to the production, and just the fact that it’s about four times longer than your average episode. It’s a phenomenal piece of work!


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