Yes, I know, I disappeared for a bit again, didn’t I? It was a very busy week with little sleep up until Wednesday, and I needed a couple of days to recharge my batteries a bit. Now things are back to the old routine, and I’ve got some time to write again.


Last Friday (May 26th) I went to Tenby for the afternoon. We had a few days of really quite unseasonably warm weather for about half of last week, and I was very glad of a chance to make the most of it. For those who haven’t had a chance in life to spend some time on the Pembrokeshire coast, Tenby is a town on the south-eastern side of the county, about a 40 minute drive down on the dual carriageway from Carmarthen.


I love Tenby. I love being by the sea and lakes in general, I find it so peaceful, but Tenby as a town is so pretty. I’ve heard the colourful houses being described as being Mediterranean in feel, which I agree with to a certain extent – it’s not necessarily what comes to mind when you think of a typical Welsh or British seaside resort. It’s a walled town, and during the summer season the roads in the town centre are closed off to traffic, and the tables of pubs and restaurants spread out into the street – adding to the continental feel.


There’s a beautiful view from the castle, which is also the most easternly point of the town, so you can see out towards the sea and also back into the town itself. There are plenty of benches where you can sit down and relax.

Tenby is also known for its nightlife in this part of the world. The place is full of pubs! When I was there this time, I saw a group of women going into a pub, dressed as cops and robbers, at about 4pm. Standard Tenby, I thought. One of my oldest schoolfriends who got married in 2013, had her hen party in Tenby. It was a great weekend, we danced, we chilled on the beach, we drank in a beer garden – the only downside was getting woken up by seagulls screaming at about 4 in the morning!

Ice cream

Having lived in Italy, there’s something particularly interesting about Tenby for me – namely the presence of the Fecci family. No trip to Tenby is complete without a trip to one of their vintage ice cream parlours! They do these ginormous sundaes, loads of ice cream and all kind of toppings – as delicious as it was, I couldn’t finish mine this time! There’s also the D. Fecci And Sons chippy, which I highly recommend if you find yourself in that part of the world. The chips are delicious, and the portions are very generous. My Google-fu tells me that the chip shop was established in 1935; and it’s always made me smile that an Italian family came over to Wales, settled on the coast, and became such a huge part of a quintessentially British seaside. Unfortunately this time, I didn’t have any chips, I had a light lunch (at Caffè Vista, which I’d also recommend for great coffee, and the view over North Beach) to make sure I had enough room for all the ice cream – which didn’t even happen!

On a personal level, that little afternoon out was a very proud moment for me. The last time I’d been to Tenby was last August, a week after I’d started my diet. I’d had my photo taken overlooking North Beach, and in the following months it was something I’d looked back on to remind me how far I’d got, and also to not let my weight balloon up so much again. This time I re-created the photo, and the result was staggering.

So, I went home happy and full of ice cream. I hope the summer will give me at least one beautiful day where I’m able to go back for another visit!


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