What I’ve been Reading and Listening to – May 8th-14th

A few days ago I had an idea for a new weekly feature on my blog. I’m a bit worried  of running out of steam sooner or later when it comes to ideas and things to write about, so having a fixed post to write every week is going to hopefully encourage me to carry on writing. Yes, this seems to be a common idea on the internets, but it means I get to share my love of books and podcasts. The ‘watching’ element here is purposely missing, I hardly watch any TV, and my unemployed arse doesn’t subscribe to any streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

What I’ve been reading – Feed by Mira Grant


I’m in a fairly big reading slump at the moment, desperately trying to claw myself out of it. Goodreads is reminding me that I’m seven books behind where I should be if I want to reach my target of reading 100 books a year (which I’ve done for the past two years). What I’ve been doing to try and help is re-reading books I love. Feed is a book I first read on my Kindle in February 2015, and much to my surprise, I found the paperback copy in the Free Books store a few weeks ago. I love anything zombie, so this is very much my bag. It’s different from your average zombie tale, humans and zombies coexist. It’s set in the US, where society has been transformed from the one we know to one where people keep themselves safe from the threat of zombie attacks. The main character is a blogger, in a world where blogging is a serious form of journalism, after traditional media failed to accurately report on the rising of the zombies. If you’re into your zombies, or anything post-apocalyptic in general like I am, I highly recommend it, for an original take on the genre.

What I’ve been listening to – ars PARADOXICA

Over the last month and a half, I’ve developed a very deep love for audio drama podcasts. It started off with Wolf 359, which is set on a space station in deep space and is AMAZING, and from there it’s just snowballed. This week I’ve mostly been listening to ars PARADOXICA, which, without giving too much away, is about a physicist by the name of Sally Grissom who accidentally invents time travel. She lands in Philadelphia in 1943, and becomes trapped in the past. It’s a fascinating story of the effects of time travel not only on Sally herself, but also about how the creation of time travel changes the world. So far there are two seasons comprising of a total of 22 episodes, and I’ve now got four left to listen to before I’m up to date.


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