One Month On

It was one month ago, on the 15th of July, that I left Italy in search of a better life in my home country of Wales. In such a short amount of time my life’s turned upside down, it could hardly be any different to the almost-eight-years I spent in Italy. I’m back in my hometown of Carmarthen, a small market town in south west Wales. The last time I’d spent more than a week here was when I was 22, after graduating and before moving to Italy.

To be honest, I haven’t got up to much during this last month. I spent so much time waiting for the box which had been missed out from my shipment that I got used to staying at home, watching (and complaining about…) daytime TV and reading books from the Free Books. There’s not much to do in my hometown apart from shopping (which I have, of course, done a fair share of!), and I don’t drive so I can’t just go for a spin when the mood takes me. I could always hop on a bus or train, but I haven’t got that far yet. I have to admit that Pokemon Go has been keeping me occupied, and it’s given me a reason to get out of the house and do some exercise.

I’m trying not to think too much about what I’ve left behind. It was time to leave, but it was still a difficult decision. I miss my friends, the city of Milan, the food, the wine… The weather not so much! Today’s been a beautiful day, 23 degrees which is hot for my part of the world! However I can still sleep comfortably with a duvet, and wear jeans and long-sleeved tops with trainers.

It does get lonely, though. Moving back home has only highlighted the fact that pretty much everybody I grew up with – family too – have settled down, got married and/or had children. I’m hoping things will get easier once I find my feet, it’s far from the easiest period of my life at the moment. Hopefully it will all work out, somehow.


4 thoughts on “One Month On

  1. I have been following your blog for a while, and I can only commend and support your decision to leave Milan. I have been here for around 40 years and the situation has only worsened over the years. Now with Brexit we hold our breath to see what ‘weird and wonderful’ bureaucratic nightmares the italians can come up with for ‘expats’. Things will work out for you and you can always return for a holiday!! Good luck and keep up the spirit.


  2. Hi Nerys, it’s very natural to feel a bit lost and sad (and I think a little bit excited too) at this stage in your life. You have just moved countries, you are adjusting to your new/familiar surroundings, but a big part of your heart is still in Italy. Take your time, let yourself time to slowly get into the swing of things. And don’t compare to anyone! At the time your friends from school were getting married and started living their “normal” lives, you have moved to another country and had all these other unique experiences, they can only dream about! You are still so young, believe me, and you still have time to accomplish your wishes and be who you want to be. Baci


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