The Tale of The Missing Box

Let’s rewind to a month ago.

Ok, a month and a day ago, to be exact.

Five days before I moved back to Wales from Italy, I booked a shipment of all my possessions which couldn’t fit in my luggage. The flat I had rented was furnished, so after asking around, it turned out to be cheaper to use a courier to send my boxes back than to use a moving company. A mate of mine who’d also made the move from Italy back to the UK recommended three companies to me which use couriers to send parcels worldwide, which are cheaper than booking with the couriers directly. I’d sent three boxes back towards the end of June through Worldwide Parcel Services which used DHL on that occassion, and had no problems. The boxes arrived ahead of schedule and in good shape. However to ship the eight boxes full of possessions I had left, Parcels Please was cheaper, and the service I selected was with UPS.

The UPS van arrived at my flat in Milan two days before I moved, and a rather annoyed driver took my boxes down into the van and away on their long journey. On the 18th of July, the Monday after I’d moved back, the UPS van rolled up in my hometown.

He had seven of my eight boxes. When I explained that there should have been eight, he said that if there *were* an eighth it would arrive tomorrow. After going through the inventory I made of my boxes, it turned out that the missing one contained clothes, some accessories, and my jewellery making materials.

So I contacted Parcels Please explaining what had happened, and a ticket was very promptly raised. And yes, as I mentioned before, my missing box – as well as several others from what my mam was told by UPS – had somehow wound up in the Amazon warehouse near Swansea, around 30 miles from home. It had survived a trip across half of Europe only to get lost THAT close to its destination!

A search for the missing box was started. And they searched and searched and searched… Days went by without hearing anything from either Parcels Please or UPS, and I kept checking the UPS tracking for the box every day, to see if there were any updates.

And Tuesday night there was an update. I don’t even know why I decided to check the tracking about midnight, but my tired brain decided it was a good idea. Tamworth, United Kingdom – departure scan.

After three weeks going completely AWOL could it be possible that my box had been found??

Wednesday morning and my box had arrived back in Swansea. I was still skeptical, thinking another mistake had been made, and I was trying not to get my hopes up just in case it all went belly up again.

About half past three there was a series of loud knocks on the door and I jumped off the sofa. Could it really possibly be??

It was, out in the street was the glorious view of a UPS van. And there was the driver holding my missing box. I doubt he’d ever seen anyone so happy to receive a parcel delivery!

Four weeks exactly after sending my possessions from Milan, I was finally reunited with the last of them. I’d spent so many days at home, especially in the first few days after the first seven boxes arrived, waiting at home to be reunited with the missing one. Until it arrived I still felt like I was living in a sort of limbo state between Italy and Wales, with some of my belongings lost along the way.

Another chapter in my move has closed, and now I can move on from this long wait. Sometimes tales really do have a happy ending.


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