Day Four

Everyone’s going crazy about the mini heatwave the UK’s currently experiencing! Today’s the hottest day of the year, and even here in west Wales they’re promising highs of nearly 30 degrees! For me it’s funny seeing how the TV’s reporting it, items on how to cope with the high temperatures, how to sleep at night, what to eat… For me it was normal for weeks at a time every summer for years. Yesterday everyone in my little town was walking around in full-blown summer clothes, sleeveless tops, shorts, flip flops – I was in a cardigan and jeans! It was perfect summer weather without being too hot and stuffy. Of course, being Britain it’s not going to last, with thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow.

Unfortunately I’m unable to enjoy much of the nice weather today, as I’m stuck inside waiting for the courier again. They did show up yesterday, BUT with only seven out of the eight boxes I’d sent. ARGH. I’m really hoping this last box hasn’t gone completely AWOL, especially as it contains all of my clothes that I didn’t pack in my cases!

Yesterday I also got a British SIM card, which means no more roaming charges on my Italian one. I now have a UK number for the first time in years – as long as an IBAN according to one of my Italian friends! I’m still amazed at how easy it was to get a contract. I had had contracts with a UK mobile network when I was in sixth form and university, but being the best part of 10 years ago I couldn’t remember the process clearly and what documentation was needed. What I did need was my passport and my bank card, personal details, pop it all in the computer and boom. Last night I was constantly glued to my phone, enjoying my 12GB allowance a little too much! Today I can use my laptop with my phone as a wifi hotspot, and it’s wonderful being able to type on a proper keyboard.

I suppose I should get on unpacking all my belongings!


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