Day Three

​A few days down the road, and in a different country, I’m now waiting for the courier to arrive with the eight boxes fill of my possessions that they picked up in Milan last Wednesday. I’ve been stal – err,  tracking them, and they left Swansea (about half an hour away) early this morning. I’m hoping having my possessions – all 105kg (!!) of them will help me feel a bit more settled. I’m certainly missing my coffee machine…

Yesterday was my first trip to the supermarket since my move back. It’s a bit geeky, but I love going to supermarkets in foreign countries, studying the food habits of a different culture, making comparisons to what I’m used to – it was the same when I visited my family back in Wales when I was living in Italy, and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. The Tesco in my hometown is HUGE. What always strikes me the most is the sheer amount of junk food, sugary treats, ready meals, and cakes of all shapes and sizes. Having to choose one box of cereal out of an entire aisle was overwhelming!

But as for today, I’m stuck inside until the courier arrives – if it arrives today, as they’re still giving tomorrow as the estimated delivery date. After a very grey start it’s now actually sunny, the first time I’ve properly seen the sun since leaving Milan on Friday lunchtime! A mini heatwave is being promised for today and tomorrow, and I’ve been laughing at people’s enthusiasm at 30-odd degree heat! If you have to live with that for weeks on end, especially in an urban area, it’s anything but fun. The mild weather is wonderful, being able to sleep at night and be able to wear jeans and a cardigan during the day, although I am grateful to see a bit of sun out the living room window this afternoon. I’m hoping my boxes will show up soon so I can enjoy the rare Welsh sunshine!


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