Day One

​I’m going to get so ridiculously fat.

(She says whilst scoffing her face with pick & mix.) 

I’ve just basically been eating all the food all day, which is how it always used to go when I came back to visit my family. I now live in a house which is two minutes down the road from a chip shop, so obviously that was never going to end well. I don’t think I’d ever eaten anything so quickly as the chips I had for lunch! 

Then I went for a walk round the shops… And ended up buying a lot of junk food in the pound shops, and about 400 grams of pick and mix… After arriving home I started stuffing my face with the holy grail of biscuits – chocolate Hobnobs! 

As for the rest of things, well, it’s gloriously cold but a little muggy. I slept with a thick duvet and socks! The complete opposite of the last few weeks I had in Italy. It’s nice being wrapped up again, and not having to wear sleeveless dresses or tops. It really doesn’t feel like July, but I’m more than happy with the temperatures – or at least for the time being! 


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Hi Nerys, I will be glad to read all about your adventures in Wales too. I’m happy you are continuing with your blog writing. Welshie in Italy was one of the first blogs I started to read when I met my Italian boyfriend and later moved to Milan to be with him. I understand a lot of your hassles and annoyances with Italy and wish for some sunnier outlooks for the future in your beloved country 🙂 Moving countries is very emotionally draining, but exciting too. Buona fortuna!


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