Day Zero

​I’m at Milan Malpensa airport, gate B28 to be exact, waiting for my Flybe flight back to Cardiff. 

It’s strange to be sitting in an airport knowing that I won’t be back in a week, or a few days. It still doesn’t completely feel final, or at times it does and at times it doesn’t… How can you put into words what it feels to be leaving a country you lived in for nearly eight years? 

It’s been an emotional morning to say the least. I’ve received lovely messages from my Italian friends wishing me a call flight and good luck with my new life. They’ve all been so wonderful this whole time. It’s strange to think that I don’t know when I’ll see them all again. 

It was emotional from having to drag all my luggage from my (now former) flat in the eastern Lambrate suburb of Milan, all the way out to Malpensa. I completely underestimated just how much STUFF I had a during the whole moving process, initially buying only five boxes to send my belongings back, then having to buy another (bigger) five and filling them all, and then on Sunday I had to buy an extra piece of hold luggage for the flight! My two cases were exactly 38.6kg at check-in – out of 40kg! And then there’s my old faithful backpack that I’ve had since I was in year eight, which has accompanied me on all my journeys, and my laptop bag. I’m going to be aching all over tomorrow! 

I’m looking forward to the flight, I’ve always been chilled when it comes to flying. I’ll read a book, buy some food (Flybe have Krispy Kreme donuts OMG) and try to relax a little. 

Then two hours later, my feet will be back on Welsh soil – and it’ll be the beginning of my new life.


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