-3 days

It seems strange starting at the end of a story, when things are being wrapped up and the new beginning hasn’t actually begun yet. It’s a strange limbo world that I’ve been living in for the past few months, watching time slip away like sand in an hourglass.

For those of you who haven’t read the rest of my story, I’m Nerys, 30 years old. As the name would suggest, I’m Welsh, but since October 2008 I’ve been living and working in Italy – in Milan, apart from my first couple of weeks after moving out here. I used to blog over at Welshieinitaly (there you’ll also find the reasoning behind my decision to leave Italy), but a new adventure necessitates a new blog. Yes, it’s looking a bit bare at the moment, but one thing at a time, eh?

So, there are three days left before I leave Italy on the 15th of July. And as you can imagine, it’s a very stressful time trying to wind everything up before my departure. Today I went through the process of closing my bank account, which was like pulling teeth and involved (even according to the lady who served me) a lot of paper. The lady herself was lovely though, it’s just the Italian way of doing things. She asked me how long I’d been in Italy and how the experience had been, and wished me good luck. Everyone’s always so amazed when I tell them that I moved out to Italy nearly eight years ago. My trip to the bank was the thing I was worrying about the most this week, partly because I wasn’t sure if it would take multiple visits, and my branch is in a town around 40 minutes from Milan – where I stayed when I first arrived in Italy a lifetime ago. But it’s all sorted… Hopefully.

It definitely isn’t a good time to be me, I’ve still got a couple of more stressful days to follow. I’m sending my belongings back by courier (cheaper than a removal company, as I’ve been living in a furnished flat), the gas man is coming to close my supply, and then there’s the third visit in less than two weeks to the post office to close my savings ‘book’ (Protip: if you ever move to Italy, try and stay away from the Poste as much as you can. So. Much. Hassle.)

My studio flat is full of boxes, and the two cases I’m bringing on the flight. I had to fork out for an extra piece of hold luggage as after putting everything in my great big old case, I discovered that it weighed about 30kg! Panic! So yes, it’s also a lot of fun living with the bare minimum of things too.

I’m getting there. I still find it hard to believe that at the other end of all this stress, this anxiety, all these sleepless nights, there’s a new beginning waiting for me, in a country that I’d last lived in permanently during the summer after my graduation.


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